Violent Disney Movies, A Look Inside Your Food And Real-Life #Hashtags

Rob Walker, Yahoo News
Rob Walker
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Beth Galton Ramen
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A cup of noodles, split in half, as photographed by Beth Galton.

by Rob Walker

Have you been craving the most enjoyable time-killers the digital universe has to offer, but you haven’t had a chance to track them down yourself? Well, that doesn’t really make sense, but whatever. Here are some suggestions.

Disney Goes Postal: If you’ve had a rough week, you’ll find this supercut of violent scenes from animated Disney movies surprisingly cathartic.

Free Beats: Arckatron, a manifestation of Philly hip-hop producer Y?Arcka, has a newish project called 52pickUPbeetz that somehow matches beats and playing cards. While I don’t understand the conceptual details, I like the results quite a bit, and highly recommend the 10-track all-instrumental album he has made available for free stream or download.

#Why?: Now available, hashtags for the physical world.

Strange Grooves: A few months ago Amanda Ghassaei created a 3D-printed record. It worked (and sounded “awful”). Now she is back with a lasercut record, made of wood. Again it’s not much to listen to, but this video documenting her world-class DIY wizardry is impressive.

Cutting Your Food: Photographer Beth Galton’s series of images of canned, takeout, and other foodstuffs, sliced in half, is pretty mesmerizing. (Via Gizmodo, which dubs the project “kinda gross.”)

This Is Just A Rather Gorgeous Elvis Costello Concert Poster: Don’t you agree?

Pizza-Finding App: ’Nuff said, I assume, but the promo video is pretty funny. I hope my favorite app critic puts this to the test.

Unfunniest GIFs Ever: In what seems to be an effort to bum everybody out about the trajectory of our planet in the Anthropocene era, Google presents Earth Engine, which makes available time-lapse satellite imagery showing decades of, say, deforestation, or suburban sprawl. BuzzFeed concludes: “This tool: it does not cast humanity in the best light!"

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What Are You Watching?: On a lighter note, another corner of the Google empire has released this YouTube trend map, so you can waste your time by monitoring how your fellow Americans are wasting their time.


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