Vineit Lets You Easily Share Vine Videos on Tumblr

Stan Schroeder

Vineit is a new tool that lets you share videos from Twitter's video sharing service Vine on Tumblr.

Vineit is very simple to use: open the project's homepage, and drag the "Vineit" button to your bookmarks toolbar. Then, when you see a vine video, simply click on that link, and you'll share it on Tumblr.

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If there are no Vine videos on the page, the tool will return an error.

Marrying Tumblr and Vine is a logical step, since Tumblr has become the go-to service for images and animated gifs (usually surrounding a certain topic), and we don't doubt many users will find it helpful.

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Vineit joins the fast-growing army of Vine-related tools. For example, VineGifR is a Mac app that turns a Vine URL into an animated GIF file, and Just Vined is a page that lets you see the last 20 videos posted on Vine.

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Photo by Emily Price, Mashable

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