Vigo property assessment notices sent out

May 1—Vigo County property owners will soon receive a notice of the assessed value of their property.

That notice, called a Form 11, is a notification of assessment of land and improvements that is sent to taxpayers by the county or township assessor.

The assessed value on the Form 11 is the starting point for calculating annual property tax payments.

"This is a notice of assessment and will be what property taxes will be based on for 2024," said Vigo County Assessor Kevin Gardner.

Taxpayers should "make sure to read it and make sure the value is correct," he said.

If a taxpayer thinks the assessment is incorrect, the taxpayer has until June 15 to file a tax appeal with the county assessor's office.

A form can be found on the county's web site at Look under under the county assessor category.

"What (taxpayers) have to realize is we are market value (based), so if someone thinks they can get (the assessed value) on the open market, then it is a waste of time to file an appeal," Gardner said.

The Form 11 shows last year's assessed value of property as of Jan. 1, 2022, and the new value as of Jan. 1, 2023. That value will be used to calculate taxes for 2024.

Vigo County has 64,000 property parcels, Gardner said, however only 60,000 are considered active for taxing purposes.

The assessment notices were mailed Friday, Gardner said.

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