Your views: Ignoring employee complaints is bad business

Two recent harassment cases have come before the Board of Supervisors. Complaints filed by Joyce Weber and Camille Zapata. In both of these cases the County of San Joaquin taxpayers paid for independent investigations into these complaints. In both cases the independent investigations resulted in findings that supported the complainants’ claims of harassment.

What action did the Board of Supervisors take?

They ignored the findings of the independent investigations.

In the case of Joyce Weber they voted unanimously to reject the findings and rule no foul by the administrator; this has resulted in Ms. Weber filing a complaint with the Fair Housing & Employment Dept.

In the case of Camille Zapata the majority (all but two) of the board ignored the findings and took no action. This resulted in Ms. Zapata resigning as she could no longer tolerate the toxic environment.

In the Weber case it appears that the board protected an official whom they appointed, who had no previous experience in the department.

In this day and age to ignore validated complaints by employees is bad business. I suggest that the entire board receive training in how to properly review and administrate employee complaint issues. As voters we must evaluate the members of the board for their suitability to hold the office of San Joaquin County supervisor.

David F. Scatena, Stockton

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Change begins with looking in the mirror

Lee Miller, who is a Record contributor to the" What’s growing On" column, wrote a May 8 column that promotes the growth of hatred and class division.

The bashing of all Republicans, former President Trump, deceased Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Newsmax and then promoting MSNBC and CNN as perhaps having more integrity only displays his ideological bias.

It is a shame that Mr. Miller has such misguided facts and non-truths that he sadly spews lies and hatred aimed at so many American people.

He wrote that “it seems we are lacking national unity today as well as the capacity to know truth from fiction.”... After reading his biased, hateful and self-centered letter, it may be necessary for Mr. Miller to take a close look at his own emotions against millions of Americans who have the right to their views. He should consider fairness and stop planting the seeds of hatred toward any group who do not share his political views.

Betty K. Thomas, Stockton

Disagreement does not make someone despicable

Lee Miller states that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are perpetrators of misinformation, and MSNBC and CNN having journalistic integrity? That is laughable in itself.

Mr. Miller just spouts the Democrat talking points. The Right is uneducated and misinformed. A basket of deplorables is the term made popular by Hillary Clinton (eye roll). I cannot think of a more divisive attitude.

You want to unify the country? Start by questioning your own misguided beliefs. Just because you don’t agree with another’s beliefs does not make it disinformation.

Most can start healing by not casting stones, because you disagree.

Francis R. Lucchesi, Stockton

This article originally appeared on The Record: Letters to the editor (May 22, 2022)