Viewers react to 60 Minutes' report on Bucha, Ukraine

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In the mail this week, as Russia stepped up its drone attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, viewers commented on Scott Pelley's story last Sunday on "The Lost Souls of Bucha," and the attempt to restore names and faces to civilians hastily buried in a mass grave in the Kyiv suburb.

"Thank you for honoring the dead of Bucha and reaching our hearts and consciences," Lisa Rowen from Baltimore, Maryland, wrote.

"You will get some complaints about the graphic nature of your report on Bucha, but it was brilliantly done and important for everyone to see and understand," Jonathan House, COL (Ret) USA, from Fort Worth, Texas, said.

And there was this from a Canadian viewer.

"So utterly heartbreaking, shocking, terrifying and horrifying, producing tears and anger that I've no doubt are the collective reactions of those who watched this," Meghan Hill from Sechelt, British Columbia, told us.

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