Videos and photos of Russian propagandist Prilepin’s car blast shared with the public

Remains of the car in which Zakhar Prilepin was driving
Remains of the car in which Zakhar Prilepin was driving
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The  committee stated on its Telegram channel the same day that a criminal case had been opened to investigate the explosion of Prilepin's Audi Q7 car, in which he was “traveling with his family.”

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Earlier, the Telegram channel Baza reported that Prilepin had been traveling with his daughter, but she “got out of the car, and about 100 meters further, the explosion happened.” The car’s driver, who was also serving as the propagandist’s bodyguard, died at the scene.

<span class="copyright">Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation</span>
Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Social media users also shared videos from the scene of the explosion, which shows part of the car lying upside down, and the crater from the blast. According to the Telegram channel 112, the explosive device used was likely installed in the lower part of the car engine, and it may have been detonated remotely. Other photos show a helicopter that, according to the media, was supposed to transport Prilepin to hospital.

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Нижний №1
<span class="copyright">Нижний №1</span>
Нижний №1

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On May 6, Russian media and local authorities reported that a car belonging to Russian propagandist Zakhar Prilepin had exploded in a likely car bombing. While Prilepin’s press service claimed that the propagandist was “okay,” the media reported that he was heavily injured and taken to hospital in critical condition. Allegedly, Russian partisan movement Atesh claimed responsibility for the attempt.

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The Russian Investigative Committee deemed the car bombing a “terrorist attack,” and local law enforcement claimed to have detained a man “who may have been involved in blowing up the car.”

Prilepin is a Russian propagandist, pro-war writer, and politician. He is a member of the Political Council of the A Just Russia (aka Fair Russia) Party.

Prilepin has held a number of positions in the Donbas occupation authorities, including as an “adviser” to the now-killed leader of the Donetsk puppet authorities, Alexander Zakharchenko, in 2015 and as a “deputy commander of a special forces battalion for personnel management” in occupied Donetsk from 2016-2018.

In January 2023, Prilepin signed a contract with the Russian National Guard and went to fight against Ukraine.

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He is on the list of people who pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine.

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