It's the pirate's life for plenty of lil ones these days, which is why we're as excited as can be for International Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow. While we're brushing up on our "scallywags" and "buccaneers," we're also gearing up for Disney Junior's new shorts featuring one of our favorite Jake and the Never Land Pirates characters, Skully (voiced by David Arquette). The series will air throughout the network's daily programming with Skully helping teach tots lil skills along the way. We've got an exclusive sneak peek of one short above, and if you're looking for more ways to celebrate the pirate way, we've rounded up our favorite ideas. Add some pirate booty to your lil one's bedroom. Download some pirate-themed apps, like Penelope the Purple Pirate to your iPad. If the sky's the limit, a pirate ship bed is the way to go! Throw your tots a pirate-themed party filled with eye patches and a pirate ship bouncy house. Lil mates will love to read about modern pirates, like The Pirate of Kindergarten. Love pirate rock? Check out our interview with Sharky and Bones - legends in the world of fun pirate rock music. Fill their toy boxes with costumes, toys, and playhouses that encourage them to continue their pirate tendencies. Tune in to the new Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky prime-time special tomorrow night on Disney Junior.">