Is Melania Trump’s selfie tacky? Yahoo Newsroom reacts

“Certainly not a proper thing for the FLOTUS.” “She’s having a bit of fun. Haters need to lighten up.” Melania Trump shared a Christmas selfie that has Yahoo Newsroom readers voicing their strong opinions. The first lady posted a photo of herself using a holiday filter that included a Santa hat and dancing golden reindeer. While some readers commented on how beautiful she looked, others felt the picture was tacky. This isn’t the first time Melania Trump has faced strong backlash this holiday season. When the White House unveiled this year’s Christmas decorations, some critics referred to the decor as creepy. She was also put on blast after wearing stilettos to visit Texas and Puerto Rico following hurricanes Harvey and Maria. What do you think? Is the selfie just holiday fun or too much when you’re the first lady? Join the conversation in Yahoo Newsroom.