I'm a Huge Fan: Gwyneth Paltrow - Stunt Training at RDJ's Studio and Stella McCartney Time!

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In I'm a Huge Fan: Gwyneth Paltrow part two, our winner Sarah gets a peek inside Robert Downey Jr.'s personal stunt studio and gets to meet Gwyneth's stunt double from Iron Man 3. Gwyneth talks to us about what it was like taking on intense stunts for the first time and why it was so fun to become an action star at 40. Then, Sarah is off to one of Gwyneth's favorite shopping spots - the Stella McCartney store. Stella is one of Gwyneth's closest friends, and her stylist tells us some of her go- to fashion tips. In case you missed it, watch IAHF: Gwyneth Paltrow episode one and check back soon for the final interview. To see these stunts in action, watch Iron Man 3 in theaters today!