Healthy growth of Health Care Sector in India

It's raining money in India's primary healthcare sector... which is estimated to be worth 30 billion US dollars and growing by at least 25 per cent a year. The Government of Singapore Investment Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc are among the contributors that pumped 520 million US dollars into India's basic healthcare industry in 2012. This is a significant jump from the $137 million invested in 2011.Analysts are expecting private equity investment in the sector to balloon to 1 billion dollars in 2013. Indian healthcare service providers are hoping that foreign investments will help upgrade technology and create employment opportunities. This will bring about potential benefits to the health sector and the economy at large.Many domestic and foreign investors are cashing on India's potential for Medical Tourism and introducing multi-billion dollar projects. India's economy is growing and the middle class has more disposable income to spend on healthcare services. The Government of India, too, is constantly developing all-inclusive policies on healthcare that aim to reinforce the sector. The sector holds great potential and promise and is looking forward to a healthy future.