Video: Xiaomi unveils 2nd-gen, AI-powered CyberDog that can do flawless skateboard backflips


Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi officially unveiled the next iteration of its robot dog companion last week.

Pulling the covers: Xiaomi unveiled the successor to its 2021 CyberDog on Aug. 14 with a video posted on X briefly showcasing the CyberDog 2’s ability to backflip from a moving skateboard.

Improved aesthetics: Unlike the first iteration, which resembled Boston Dynamic’s Spot, the CyberDog 2 will have a more Doberman-like design with two small ears.

Details to know: Despite weighing 8.9 kilograms (approximately 19.6 pounds) and standing at 36.7 centimeters (approximately 14.4 inches) tall, the CyberDog 2 can reportedly rest comfortably while standing on a block of tofu without crushing it. The feat was made possible thanks to the robot companion’s combination of ultrasonic lidar (light detection and ranging), fisheye and force sensors.

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Under the hood: The CyberDog 2 will run using a multi-brain system, with an NX processor serving as its main brain and two other brains, both running dual co-processors, supporting it. For its eyes, the latest iteration uses several cameras, including a 13-megapixel interactive artificial intelligence (AI) camera and two fisheye cameras with a 146-degree field of view.

Other features: The CyberDog 2 can reportedly run up to five feet per second and has a dynamic balance that allows it to roll over and get up after being kicked down. Xiaomi also equipped the robot dog with a self-learning AI that sampled 30,000 generated robot dog models.

The pricing: With all the new features added, the CyberDog 2 will come at a slightly higher price tag than its predecessor at 12,999 yuan (approximately $1,770). The first iteration was released in August 2021 and cost $1,500.

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