Video: WikiLeaks Julian Assange debuts talk show with Hezbollah

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Controversy will likely follow Julian Assange to his new venture, The World Tomorrow, the television show of the WikiLeaks founder and editor, who kicked off his show by "sitting down" with Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah as his first guest.  

The English-language show launched on April 17 on the Russian news channel RT and online. RT describes the show's guests as people who are "stamping their mark on the future: politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries."

From under house arrest, Assange conducted the interview on a video link with Nasrallah for his first interview in six years. All 12 episodes of the talk show have been previously recorded.

Assange asked the Hezbollah leader about Middle East topics, the situation in Syria and other political questions of the day.

As the editor says in the trailer, Assange reveals secrets and expects to continue this process with the show.

The talk show's mission is “to capture and present some of this revolutionary spirit to a global audience," Assange said in a statement.

"Video" clip: