New video shows police arrest ‘serial thief’ inside Lowe’s in Montgomery County

New body camera video shows the arrest of an alleged serial thief who was fought and tased by police at a Lowe’s in Miamisburg.

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Branden Williams was arrested about three weeks ago. Miamisburg police said he already had several warrants for his arrest for stealing from stores.

They received word he might target a store in Miamisburg and because they had a description of his car, they spotted him pull in and walk inside.

Two Miamisburg officers head into the store to find Williams.

Their supervisors wanted to arrest him inside because Cincinnati area officers told them he’d already sped away from them hours earlier after hitting a Lowe’s store in their area.

Several other officers run into the store and when they believe Williams is not cooperating with allowing them to handcuff him things escalate.

Williams is eventually handcuffed and walked out of the store.

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Miamisburg police said he had several active arrest warrants, and the store and police department he avoided hours before this incident gave Miamisburg police a heads-up.

“They got video of him, his car, and he was very well-known to them and to us,” said Miamisburg Sgt. Jeff Muncy said.

Police said Williams isn’t the only one who appears to be running a circuit in southwest Ohio, hitting big box stores, and stealing hundreds and thousands of dollars of merchandise.

“That’s what he does, that’s what these guys do, these guys will hop from store to store, that’s their job, they will go from store to store, stealing,” Muncy said.

Williams is waiting for the charges against him due to the incident inside the store, such as obstruction and resisting arrest.

He already appeared in court on Monday on theft charges and will be there again on Monday on more theft charges.