Video Shows Iron Dome Intercepting Rockets in Israel

One day into a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, information about the past few months of violence is surfacing. In a new video recently posted by a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas YouTube channel called 'Sin,' an unknown Israeli town is shown under attack. While warning sirens alert the area, men, women, and children scatter for shelter. What is loosely seen in the footage, which already has more than one million views, is the efficiency of the Iron Dome, which intercepts and destroys 15 separate steel artillery Qassam rockets launched by Palestinian militants.

The Iron Dome is Israel's all-weather, mobile, short-range missile defense system consisting of a three-piece unit which includes a radar system, a battle management system, and a rocket launcher that fires interceptor missiles. The system cuts off missiles and artillery shells fired from a range of 2 to 40 miles, and also ensures that debris doesn't fall on populated areas. It has a reported success rate of 90 percent.

There's speculation that the rockets were launched all at once, in the hopes that at least a few would reach their desired target.

It's not every day that you see an occurrence like this as a civilian — or maybe it is, depending on where you live. But it's definitely unbelievable.