Video shows horse galloping down I-95 highway in Philadelphia before being recaptured

A driver in Philadelphia saw more than just cars on Interstate 95 Tuesday morning.

Video submitted to WPVI by a viewer shows a chocolate brown and white horse in action as it gallops beside them on the interstate.

The horse did not get injured while on the interstate early Tuesday, as many cars weren't on the roads just yet, WPVI reported.

Local police believe the horse did not escape its trailer, but rather ran away from one of the city's urban riding clubs, per the TV station.

Authorities captured the horse without incident near Port Richmond, but only after the animal made it off the highway, WPVI reported.

Now the horse is safe and hydrated after rescuers gave it some much-needed water, WPVI anchor Kathrine Scott said in a post on X.

Video published by Fox 29 showed the horse being loaded back into a trailer.

The outlet reported the horse appeared to be a Clydesdale based on its hoofs. Clydesdales can run up to 20 mph and are described as "gentle giants," according to Strathorn Farm Stables, a horse riding school in Scotland.

Philadelphia police found the humor in the situation with a post on X, shortly after the horse was corralled.

'Somebody let him out,' horse's owner says

Around 6:40 a.m., the horse's owners came with a trailer to take the animal, local media reported. One of the men wearing a "Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club" sweatshirt said they had recently purchased the horse.

When reporters asked the men, who were not identified, how the horse escaped, one of them said, "Somebody let him out."

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Horse running on I-95 highway in Philadelphia, video shows