Video shows baggage cart sucked into plane engine at Chicago O’Hare International

A video camera at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport caught a baggage cart being sucked into the engine of a Boeing 747 aircraft during a storm last month.

The China Airlines flight was taxiing on the runway on 28 January when it appeared to collide with a baggage cart, which was shown in a video being sucked into the engine.

A cloud of mist trails from the left of the Boeing 747, a wide-body airliner that almost hit another another baggage cart during the incident.

It appeared to happen while the plane was turning on the tarmac at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, and the video was shared to Twitter by @aviationbrk and others last week.

The Boeing 747 could also be seen skidding on the icy runway, after a swathe of eastern US states were hit by snowfall and freezing temperatures last weekend.

Nobody was injured in the collision, which damaged one plane engine, according to ABC7 Chicago and others.

China Airlines pointed to the icy weather as the result of the collision, which damaged the plane engine.

The flight, which had flown-into Chicago from Anchorage, Alaska, was not a passenger aircraft and was transporting cargo.

The Independent approached China Airlines for comment.