A video of a rare diamond-eyed cat has some Thai netizens picking lottery numbers


A video of a rare Thai Khao Manee, also known as the diamond eye cat, has gone viral on TikTok.

Uploaded by @user3026088746242 on Jan. 22, the viral video quickly reached over 1.5 million views and 127,400 likes as of this writing.


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The 20-second clip features a ginger Khao Manee cat on a rock. As the small cat looks around, its left “diamond” eye changes colors as it reflects beams of light.

The Thai Khao Manee cat is known for having two different-colored eyes, particularly its trademark diamond eye.

The cat’s name translates to “white gem.” However, despite the beauty of the cat’s eye, recent research has shown the distinct eye is a result of glaucoma.

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A rare and ancient breed, the Khao Manee is thought to bring good luck to those around it. First documented in the 14th century “Tamra Maew” (“Treatise on Cats”), these specific cats belonged to the aristocratic class of Thai society and were considered sacred animals.

TikTok users expressed their belief in the breed’s fortune in the comments section.

“Take good care. This is a million in one case. It’s rarer than real,” one user wrote.

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“I wish for my grandfather’s health,” another user commented.

Others predicted numbers for the upcoming lottery, hoping the cat’s luck would rub off on them. Popular numbers included 4, 7 and 8, which are “lucky numbers” associated with cats.

The uploader also revealed the cat was available for sale, explaining that they were “ready to let go” for a “good price.”

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Khao Manees are among the most expensive cat breeds in the world, fetching anywhere from $5,000 to $11,000 each.

In addition to their viral video, the user has also posted more videos of the Khao Manee cat, each reaching thousands of views each.