Video: Purported iPad 5 casing shown side-by-side with older iPad

Brad Reed

iPad 5 Leaked Video
iPad 5 Leaked Video

Surprise! Apple’s next-generation iPad will be lighter and thinner. A new video posted by UnboxTherapy shows what appears to be the outer casing for the fifth-generation iPad shown side-by-side with the fourth-generation iPad. The purported next-generation iPad casing confirms a lot of reports we’ve read about the next-generation iPad, especially earlier leaks claiming that the new iPad would take a lot of design cues from the iPad mini.

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The casing and the front digitizer shown in the video reveal a device that has significantly thinner side bezels than older iPad models despite having the exact same display size as earlier generations. The purported rear casing also shows that the new iPad will be much more sharply defined around the edges and won’t have the sloping rear curves that older models have. The casing also shows that Apple has brought the iPad mini’s separate volume buttons over to the full-sized iPad, thus replacing the volume bumper that has long been a standard design feature.

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The full video follows below.

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