Video: Next-gen Xbox One dashboard exposed in leak

Zach Epstein

Xbox One Video
Xbox One Video

A soon to be former Xbox One beta tester has posted a video to YouTube showing off the new Xbox One’s dashboard for the first time. Microsoft has shown bits and pieces of its redesigned Xbox dashboard in recent months, but this marks the first time we have seen the new dashboard in action. As can be seen in the leaked video, which has since been pulled by its publisher Jackson Carter but not before several other YouTubers reposted it, the new Xbox One dashboard adopts the tile-based user interface from Windows Phone that has polarized Windows 8 users for the past year. The dash is separated into different sections by category, and categories include, movies & TV, apps, games and music. Microsoft’s new Xbox One debuts on November 22nd for $499.99 and in the meantime, the full leaked Xbox One video follows below.

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