Video: iPhone speed test shows iPhone 5s isn’t always fastest

Jacob Siegal
September 30, 2013

iPhone Speed Test Video
iPhone Speed Test Video

The iPhone has gone through seven iterations since its launch in 2007, some more drastic than others. There have been software updates, hardware redesigns, a screen expansion, and countless other changes that have altered everything about Apple’s smartphone. During the iPhone 5s and 5c event in September, as with every iPhone unveiling, Apple talked a big game in regards to the numbers. In fact, the iPhone 5s CPU is supposedly 40x faster than the first-generation iPhone — but how do vague numbers like this actually affect the speed of the phone?

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Thanks to YouTube user EverythingApplePro, we now have video proof that not everything is faster on the newest hardware. All eight generations of the iPhone are lined up next to one another and put through a series of simple tests to show which iPhone can complete any given operation faster than the others. Nearly 60% of iPhone owners adopted iOS 7 after its release, but were you aware that iOS 6 devices shut down significantly faster? The original iPhone also edged out the 3G, 3GS and 4 when booting up.

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Check out the rest of the results in the video below.

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