Video: iOS 7 running on an iPad

Zach Epstein
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iOS 7 iPad Video
iOS 7 iPad Video

Apple was in such a rush to get the first beta of its iOS 7 software ready for WWDC that it didn’t even have time to finish the iPad build. That seemingly wasn’t enough to stop some developers from giving us a look at a the software formatted for the iPad, but now it appears as though a tablet-optimized version of iOS 7 has been captured on video. A Russian YouTube user on Tuesday posted a video of what he claims to be iOS 7 running on Apple’s iPad, and it looks like the real deal. Nothing is certain, of course, but 9to5Mac says that “based on the user-interface elements of previous versions of iOS for the iPad, the video does look like an accurate representation of what iPad users can expect from iOS 7 this fall.” The full video follows below.

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