Video: HTC releases first ad in $1 billion Robert Downey Jr. blitz

Zach Epstein
BGR News

HTC Robert Downey Jr Ad
HTC Robert Downey Jr Ad

Can Iron Man save HTC? We’re about to find out. Robert Downey Jr. is the star of HTC’s new $1 billion marketing campaign as the company looks to make HTC a household name just like Apple or Samsung. The company recently teased its first commercial starring Downey Jr., and now the full two-minute spot has been released. The bizarre ad lists a number of random phrases the letters “HTC” might stand for, building on the theme uttered early on by one of the commercial’s costars: ”HTC: It’s anything you want it to be.” From a branding perspective, it’s actually a nice play from HTC and its ad firm that could go a long way to beat those three important letters — HTC — into viewers’ brains. The full ad can be viewed below.

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