Video: All five iPhone 5C colors examined in high-def hands-on video

Zach Epstein

iPhone 5C Hands-on Video
iPhone 5C Hands-on Video

We have seen what is claimed to be Apple’s iPhone 5C exposed dozens of times now, and a recent leak seemingly showed the device fully assembled and powered on for the first time. While the leaked photos and videos vary in quality, iPhone jailbreaker Tanner Marsh recently published what is likely the highest-quality video to date examining plastic phone housings said to be for the upcoming iPhone 5C. The full HD 1080p hands-on video shows the iPhone 5C casing in each of the five colors expected at launch, though no new details can be gleaned from the video walk-through. Apple’s new iPhone 5C is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10th, and reports suggest it will be released on September 20th with an unsubsidized price around $400. The full hands-on video with the purported iPhone 5C cases follows below.

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