Video: Curious man gets his hand gets stuck in airplane cup holder mid-flight to Vietnam


A Singaporean man had one of his hands trapped in an airplane's cup holder during a flight to Vietnam. 

A singular unfortunate event: Abraham De Laure, 29, was about an hour into his Singapore Airlines flight to Ho Chi Minh City on Sept. 30, when he decided to test whether his hand could fit inside the cup holder in front of his seat. Unfortunately, his experiment took an unexpected turn, leaving him with a hand lodged firmly in the cup holder's grip.

"Basically, I let my intrusive thoughts win lah, and I placed my hand in the cup holder to see if it can fit," he told Mothership in an interview.

Viral mishap: De Laure's friend Darshen Kuna filmed the comical mishap and shared it on TikTok. The first video, uploaded on Oct. 1, garnered over 460,000 views, with TikTok appending a warning to viewers about the potential dangers of attempting such acts.

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Free at last: In the clip, De Laure can be heard repeatedly asking for butter to use as a lubricant to help him pull out his hand. At one point during the ordeal, a flight attendant got involved and tried to help the stuck passenger but to no avail.

In a follow-up video uploaded the next day, De Laure is seen eventually wrestling his hand free from the cup holder's grasp by relying on sheer brute force after about ten minutes of trying. 

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Social media reactions: The TikTok post has attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, with most of the viewers finding the incident humorous.

"Now we know not to put the hand into a cup holder," a commenter wrote.

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"So, did he become a part of the plane henceforth?" asked another.

"I feel like everyone has one of these experiences," another chimed in.

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