Video: Chinese dad hilariously imitates cat after daughter says she wants pet


A father in China has gone viral for imitating a cat to show his daughter what it’s like to be responsible for one.

Key details: A 16-second video of the man was reportedly first shared on Weibo before going viral on other online platforms, such as Douyin and TikTok.

TikTok user @137601900qq's repost of the video, which was shared last week, has already garnered over 1.8 million views. According to the TikTok post’s caption, the video was filmed in Jinan, China, on Aug. 21.

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The video starts with the father imitating a cat while on a kitchen counter. He can be seen slowly knocking down a bowl before playing with running water from the kitchen faucet. He can then be seen arching his back in a living room and yowling on a sofa while his daughter looks at him, seemingly tired of his antics.

Why he did it: The father was purportedly demonstrating to his daughter what raising a cat would be like after she expressed interest in owning a cat, according to the TikTok post.

Online reactions: Many TikTok users found the father’s actions amusing.

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“That's a complete cat performance,” one user commented, as translated by Mothership.

"With this kind of dad, who needs a cat?" another user wrote.

“What a talented dad," another said.

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