Victoria Beckham Talks Diet, Fitness & Home Life

Victoria Beckham on the March 2011 cover of Allure Magazine -- Allure

Victoria Beckham has it all. With a rapidly growing fashion collection, a husband who's one of the world's top athletes and a growing family (Victoria is currently pregnant with the pair's fourth child), the style icon shared a more personal side in March's Allure Magazine.

"Our house is a really happy house. There are kids running around and laughing and joking, I smile so much more than people would think," Victoria tells the mag.

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"There's nothing better than being in LA with my kids, cooking dinner with my husband and having a romantic night in, and I get an email, and Demi Moore, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, or whoever it is, is doing the red carpet and wearing my dress," she explained.

While Victoria is a successful designer, author, and a former singer and model, the star insists that she knows her limits.

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"I'm the only person living in Hollywood who A) does not want to act, and B) cannot act," she confesses.

At the age of 36, Victoria has also found the fitness and diet plan that work best for her.

"I'm not one of those people who can't eat carbs. I eat a lot. I do," Victoria insists.

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"I run four miles a day on the treadmill. I know that works for me, so I've kind of trained myself," Victoria reveals. "I do lift weights. I'm not very good at soccer."

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