Victoria Beckham Admits She Regrets Breast Implants—And She's Not Alone

The number of women removing their breast implants is growing rapidly.

Victoria Beckham is the latest celebrity to hop on the letter-to-my-younger-self bandwagon (even our very own Health editors have participated in the trend). In the January issue of British Vogue, Beckham penned a letter chock-full of advice to her teenage self. In the piece, she suggested keeping a diary of her favorite moments to look back on, celebrating her own and others' uniqueness, and having fun with clothes (an obvious choice for the one and only Posh Spice).

Beckham also told her younger self to not "mess with your boobs." She wrote that, looking back, it was a sign of insecurity. "Just celebrate what you’ve got," she told her 18-year-old self.

This isn't the first time Beckham has alluded to her breasts and cosmetic procedures related to them. In 2014, she first revealed she had her implants removed during an interview with Allure. "I don't have them anymore," she told the magazine. "I think I may have purchased them." Then, when asked if her implants were removed she said yes, but not because of pain-related issues.

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We may not know the reasoning behind the British star's removal, but she isn't the first (or the last) person to have her breast implants removed. In fact, Health ran a major feature on the growing trend of the un-boob job in November 2015. The article cites that in 2014 almost 24,000 women said so long to their fake boobs.

According to Janette Alexander, MD, a plastic surgery medical officer in the FDA's division of surgical devices, silicone implants aren't built to last and many women become tired of the upkeep required. "Implants are not lifetime devices—the longer a woman has them, the more likely it is that she will need additional surgery, which could include replacement or removal," she told Health in the feature. This could mean multiple surgeries and thousands of dollars spent throughout your lifetime if you elect to keep your implants.

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Besides inconvenience, women have also elected to remove their implants due to back pain, an implant rupture, or simply being unable to perform certain tasks. "I was unable to do an unmodified push-up without feeling like my boobs were about to explode," said one fitness instructor of her own now-removed implants.

Electing to get implants is always a personal decision, but taking note of these factors could change the minds of people who are considering the procedure in the first place.