Victims hospitalized after Boise bridge jumper backflips onto rafters floating down river

Two people were hospitalized after a Saturday bridge jumping incident.

A person jumping off the Baybrook Bridge along the Boise River Greenbelt did a backflip and landed on a group of river rafters, Boise Police Department spokesperson Haley Kramer confirmed to the Idaho Statesman.

Boise Fire Engine Three was patrolling the nearby bank. One firefighter used a rescue throw bag to bring one of the victims to shore, Kramer said.

Two people on the raft were taken to a local hospital.

The Boise Police Department did not provide answers to further questions about the bridge jumper or the current condition of the rafters.

Bridge jumping in Boise is legal, but jumpers are supposed to stay 50 feet away from floaters on the river.

Police search for Boise River bridge jumper who hurt rafters. Here’s latest on victims