‘Very unusual parking spot.’ A man was just arrested in Florida for how he left his car

We’ve seen some bad parking jobs in Miami in our day, but this latest one in Florida may top them all.

On the Gulf Coast of Florida, a man was arrested after his Lexus RX-350 was spotted dangling over the edge of a pier, the Clearwater Police Department said.

Pictures on the agency’s Facebook post shows the maroon hatchback, the driver door open and its front portion hanging perilously over the edge.

“Officers are conducting a drunken driving investigation this afternoon after the driver of this vehicle found a very unusual parking spot behind Pier House 60 on Coronado Drive,” wrote the department, which made the arrest a few hours later.

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The driver, 38-year-old Matthew Adams, of Belair Beach, faces a charge for driving under the influence, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Commenters under the post couldn’t help but throw out some bad driver jokes.

“Would love to be a fly on the wall when they call the insurance carrier.”

“Whoopsie!! Hate when that happens.”

“Was going to see if his car floats.”