‘It’s very scary’: Tropical Storm Idalia rips roof off veterinary hospital

A business in Southport is reporting significant damage due to Tropical Storm Idalia.

On Thursday, Four Paws Veterinary Hospital confirmed that the roof of their building was ripped off due to the storm. Their ceiling also collapsed.

Fire officials told Channel 9′s Ken Lemon that the roof was lifted into the air and blown about a football field away from the building.

They said the wind that caused the damage was likely a gust that was captured on security camera video.

Cameras inside the business also captured the sound of the wind whistling as it passed over.


Idalia caused damage to two businesses in the area as well, a spa and a pet shelter.

“It’s mind-blowing ... worst nightmare. It’s my worst nightmare. It’s very scary,” business owner Nicole Shaffer said.

The veterinary hospital said no animals or employees were injured. However, the business will likely be closed for the rest of the week.

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