Verizon now giving the Galaxy Nexus away

Brad Reed
BGR News
Verizon now giving the Galaxy Nexus away

Just one week after slashing the price of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to $99.99, Verizon Wireless (VZ) is now giving the device away for free as long as users are willing to sign a two-year service deal. PhoneArena was the first to notice Verizon’s latest Samsung (005930) Galaxy Nexus price cut when it found that Best Buy is currently offering a free Galaxy Nexus to any customers who sign service agreements with Verizon. Interested buyers should note that the free Galaxy Nexus is only available from in-store Verizon purchases and that it still costs $99 on Verizon’s online store. If Verizon actually gets on the ball and pushes out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Nexus in the near future, then the smartphone could quickly become one of the biggest bargains on the market.


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