Verizon’s new loyalty program will reward subscribers with big discounts

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Verizon announced on Monday that it would be initiating a loyalty program dubbed Smart Rewards later this month. With Smart Rewards, Verizon subscribers will be able to earn points by completing various actions, such as logging into their online account, paying their bills, using the Verizon Trade-In program and choosing paperless billing.

All customers who sign up for Smart Rewards will be gifted 10,000 points to start with. Customers can use these points to receive “discounts and savings of up to 40 percent on brand-name merchandise from more than 200 well-known brands, offers on local shopping and dining redeemable directly from a customer’s wireless device, and travel including discounts at more than 26,000 hotels.”

Shipping is free on any rewards customers decide to collect and the lowest price is always guaranteed. Points can also be used to apply additional discounts on daily deals, enter into sweepstakes and auctions or even to win NFL tickets.

The program will be available to all postpaid customers starting on July 24th. In order to register, just visit the My Verizon home page. Some customers will also be required to enroll in Verizon Selects, a marketing program, as part of the registration process, but they will receive additional bonus points on their account as compensation.

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