Verizon FiOS schools rivals as the fastest ISP in the country

Brad Reed
Verizon just killed your dreams of getting FiOS in your neighborhood

A new study conducted by PCMag has left little doubt about which ISP in the United States offers the fastest service: It’s Verizon (VZ) FiOS, and it’s not particularly close. PCMag found that FiOS delivered average download speeds of 29.4Mbps, or nearly 5Mbps more than its nearest competitor. But the most impressive part of FiOS’ performance was its average upload speeds, which clocked in at 16.7Mbps, or more than 8Mbps faster than its nearest competitor. Other ISPs to fare well in the study include Midcontinent Communications, which had average download speeds of 24.7Mbps; Charter Communications, which had average download speeds of 22.2Mbps; and Bright House Networks, which had average download speeds of 21.5Mbps.


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