Venus flytrap 1, ant 0

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo News

Greetings, lovers of nature, fans of carnage and those looking to kill 30 seconds on a Friday afternoon. Welcome to another episode in our continuing series entitled "Ants: Plenty More Where They Came From."

Only the strongest survive. That is true in the jungle. It is true on the mighty African plains. And, gentle reader, it is true in this small ceramic pot.

Behold an ant, black as night and unaware of its certain doom. Placed within the clutches of the fearsome Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) by some fiendish human for his or her amusement, the ant attempts to escape. 

Alas, this ant is not to have a second act in life. It is quickly captured by Audrey the plant. As the flytrap's jaws tighten, the camera fades to black, like the bleakest of all French films.

Beautiful. Dangerous. Such is nature. Such is life. Thank you for joining us.

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