Vehicle crashes into Bower Hill fire station in Scott, causing significant damage

A vehicle crashed into the Bower Hill fire station on Vanadium Road in Scott Township Tuesday night, causing significant damage.

“I was sleeping, and I woke up to the noise,” said Tom Gramm, who lives nearby.  “I thought a tree fell.”

When Gramm looked out his window, he saw a mangled red car sticking out of the corner of the building.


“It was bad,” said Gramm. “I’ve never seen a car mangled that bad. The back right wheel was off. You can see the airbags were deployed. The left side was completely bent up from hitting the sign. It was pretty shocking to see.”

This crash happened around 11 o’clock Tuesday night. At that time, nobody was inside the fire station.

In a post on Facebook, the Bower Hill Volunteer Fire Department said: “Though the building was damaged, all of our vehicles remain fully operational, and we are still able to respond as normal to any call for assistance.”

The post did not mention anything about the driver.

A 911 dispatcher told Channel 11 no one was transported from the scene.

“Hopefully everyone’s alright,” said Gramm.

Gramm pointed out the speed limit on this road. He says it’s something a majority of drivers ignore.

Channel 11 also spoke to several people who work in the area who agree with Gramm.

“You can see how busy the road is,” said Gramm. “There’s people who fly past the 25-mph speed limit. Luckily, I haven’t seen anything that bad, which is a little surprising. Hopefully, it stays that way.”

The fire department has several cameras outside. They said they’d be looking over the video once the power is restored to the fire station

The Bower Hill Fire Volunteer Fire Department put up a temporary wall after a vehicle crashed into the station.
The Bower Hill Fire Volunteer Fire Department put up a temporary wall after a vehicle crashed into the station.


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