'Utter chaos': Newspapers' verdicts on another day of mayhem for Liz Truss

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Liz Truss faced yet another day of chaos in government on Wednesday. (PA)

After yet another turbulent day for Liz Truss, the nation’s newspapers are unsurprisingly dominated by the “utter chaos” of the day’s events.

The prime minister – and the government – are both teetering on the brink of total collapse after home secretary Suella Braverman resigned shortly ahead of mayhem in the Commons over a fracking vote, and confusion over whether the chief and deputy chief whip had quit.

Grant Shapps was installed as the new home secretary and the government won their fracking vote – but the events have only made Truss’ position as PM even more unstable than it already was.

The fracking vote resulted in extraordinary scenes at Westminster, with Cabinet ministers Therese Coffey and Jacob Rees-Mogg among a group of senior Tories accused of pressuring colleagues to go into the “no” lobby, with Labour former minister Chris Bryant saying some MPs were “physically manhandled into another lobby and being bullied”.

Business secretary Rees-Mogg insisted he had seen no evidence of anyone being manhandled, but senior Tory MP Sir Charles Walker said what took place was “inexcusable” and “a pitiful reflection on the Conservative parliamentary party”.

The Daily Mail focused on the departure of the home secretary and focused on a “90-minute shouting match” between Braverman and Truss for their front page.

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The paper reports that Braverman “plunges the knife into PM” accusing Truss of “wobbling over manifest commitments such as reduced migration”, while describing the fracking vote as “chaotic”.

The Mirror simply summed up the day as “Utter chaos”, saying that Tory MPs had “turned” on the prime minister.


‘Chaos’ seems to be the only word in town for much of the nation’s press as The Guardian reports that the “chaotic fracking vote brings fresh revolt from mutinous Tories”, while The Independent said it was “another day of chaos”.

The Daily Telegraph said that Braverman’s exit “rocks the government on day of chaos at Westminster”, while it also reports that Cabinet ministers are “believed to be set on toppling Truss by the end of the week”.

The Times turned their attention to the new home secretary, highlighting how Shapps has installed one of her “harshest backbench critics, who had previously canvassed MPs about a move to oust her”.

With a picture of Truss looking tired and withdrawn, The Sun headlined with ‘Broken’, as it described her authority as “in tatters” and reported on how Tory MPs were “bullied” during last night’s “shambolic” vote.

The Express said the scenes in the Commons were “disgraceful”, above the headline “Beyond belief! Suella quits… then MPs scuffle in lobby”.

Metro said the whole night was a “Suellava mess”, reporting on Braverman’s letter to the PM that said the government had “abandoned promises to voters”.