Utah police urge parents to talk with kids about ‘Senior Assassin’ game amidst rise in 911 calls

KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — The school year is coming to a close, and the Kaysville Police Department said they have received an increase in calls related to a game high school seniors play.

The game is called “Senior Assassin,” and it’s played across the country with the rules varying by school. High school seniors sign up and pay a fee to play and are randomly assigned another player to target, according to Kaysville Police.

The players then attempt to “assassinate” the target, often through tagging them with water. The last player standing wins.

While students usually set boundaries, such as not allowing the game to be played on school property or at certain times, the game has raised concerns in communities across the nation, including in Kaysville.

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Amidst an increase in calls to Kaysville police, authorities are asking parents to talk with their kids about the game and the potential consequences of their actions.

For example, police say not to trespass on other people’s property, “especially while carrying what appears to be a firearm.” Seniors may know they are playing a game with water guns, but community members may only see an unknown figure in their yard carrying what appears to be a weapon.

Police say they have had residents arm themselves and call 911 after seeing someone in their yard, garage, home, or vehicle who appears to have a firearm.

“We have to treat every call with a serious and professional matter and urge those who play this game to remember many do not know what they’re doing,” Kaysville police said on social media.

The comment section on the post included other warnings, such as talking with students about the potential dangers of chasing or fleeing in vehicles or painting toy water guns dark colors to appear real.

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