UTA unveils Provo pedestrian bridge at transit station

PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – The Utah Transit Authority unveiled the new Provo pedestrian bridge today, Nov. 14, 2023. The overhead bridge, located at the Provo Central Station spans two FrontRunner tracks and two Union Pacific Railroad lines.

The 145-foot structure offers a more efficient and safer alternative for people to access the Provo station. By offering a network of walkways and bike facilities to the station, UTA is hoping to encourage commuters from using single-occupant vehicles.

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The Provo pedestrian bridge was built by Granite Construction and cost approximately $7 million. UTA reports that, by offering easier access to transit stations, the decrease in cars on the road will help improve air quality in Utah County while also safely connecting the redeveloping south side of downtown Provo to the Wasatch Front regional transportation network.

“Transit is all about safe, accessible community connection,” said Jay Fox, UTA Executive Director. “We proudly join with our partners Provo City, the Mountainland Association of Governments, UDOT, Union Pacific Railroad, and the Federal Transit Administration to celebrate this new bridge which connects transit customers, pedestrians, cyclists, families, and visitors to the beauty of nature and attractions this city offers. Generational infrastructure investments like this sustain our region’s healthy growth and quality of life.”

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The area directly surrounding the Provo Central Station is often congested with freight trains, which in the past have created challenging and dangerous situations for pedestrians trying to access the station.

“The opening of UTA’s overhead pedestrian bridge is a testament to government problem-solving,” said Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi. “It’s a symbol of our shared commitment to building a city that prioritizes the well-being of its residents. It’s truly a stride towards a safer, more interconnected urban experience in Provo.”

The bridge was prefabricated in Colorado then trucked in three sections and put together onsite in Provo. Standard-sized elevators service both ends of the bride and the stairs on each side include a “bike runnel” that allows bikes to be wheeled up and down staircases. The deck and stairs are equipped with a snow-melt system for use during icy months.

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