Usher Gets 'Voice' Advice from the 'Parks and Rec' Gang [Video]

Yahoo! TV

Whuuuut, is that R&B superstar Usher in the Pawnee, Indiana "Parks and Recreation" department? Indeed it is, as the newest judge on "The Voice" stops by the workplace of his fellow NBC brethren to get some advice for his new reality TV gig.

Usher, who, along with pop star Shakira, joins the fourth season of NBC's reality singing competition next week, is looking for some quick tips on how to make a good impression when he plunks his booty in "The Voice" chair, and the "Parks and Rec" crew's advice ranges from, well, silly to ridiculous.

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Chris (Rob Lowe) tells Usher all he needs is a winning smile ("A smile is lit-rally the best way to convey happiness), Donna (Retta) is more concerned with sparking a little romance, and Andy (Chris Pratt), well, Andy definitely provides a good example of what not to do in "The Voice" chair.

In the end, Usher charms the whole "Parks and Rec" staff when he proves he knows exactly how to rock this judging thang. But we'd like to see the Pawnee crew show up on "The Voice" this season now.

"The Voice" Season 4 premieres March 25 at 8 PM on NBC.

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursdays at 8:30 PM on NBC.