Usain Bolt Confirms He's Ready to Defend His Titles

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire
Usain Bolt Confirms He's Ready to Defend His Titles

Rumors have been plaguing Usain Bolt since he's turned in lackluster performances leading up to the Olympics, but upon arriving in the Olympic village on Thursday he assured everyone he's ready to defend his 100 and 200 gold medals.

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Bolt lost two Olympic trial races to fellow countrymen Yohan Blake which wouldn't be unusual for anyone else, but we're talking about Usain Bolt. He is the fastest man alive, and he's almost never looked human in a race until now. But now he's here, and he's mostly ready to go. He told the BBC he's "probably 95% fit," but that he's still prepared. "This is the moment that is going to define my entire life. A lot of people say I am a legend, but this is going to define me as a legend," he said. "It's all about one run, it's not about the trials. My coach determines if we train in front of a camera, he doesn't like training in front of the cameras," Bolt said, referencing a media workout he skipped last week. He did admit that he was suffering from back and hamstring injuries. "My back was a little bit stiff and it caused a problem in my hamstrings. But we figured out what the problem was. My training has been great in the last two and a half weeks," he said. 

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We're happy for Bolt, but when American sprinter Tyson Gay beats him he better not fall back on his injuries as excuses.