US: Taliban request to speak this week won't be approved

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NEW YORK — President Joe Biden’s administration does not “expect” the Taliban to make an appearance at the United Nations General Assembly — at least not “this week.”

“There is a Credentials Committee. We are on it,” a senior State Department official told reporters Tuesday evening. “It will take some time to deliberate. And so, we will obviously follow this issue closely and deliberate along with other members of the Credentials Committee.”

This comes in response to Taliban officials asking to appear before the U.N. General Assembly in a letter reportedly sent Monday to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, raising whether world powers will recognize the Taliban regime as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. That’s a complicated issue for U.S. and European powers, which hope to make international legitimacy contingent upon the Taliban’s posture on human rights and terrorism.


“Let us be clear: to be in touch with, does not mean at all anything that could be bestowing a formal recognition or legitimacy on the caretaker government,” the European Union high representative Josep Borrell said Monday. “And one of the benchmarks on which we were considering how to calibrate our relationship with the Afghan government was precisely this one: the way that the new government will treat the rights of women and girls. And the first news are not encouraging.”

Taliban officials paired their request with a bid to terminate the prerogatives of the ambassador who was appointed to represent Afghanistan by the overthrown U.S.-backed government. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s team avoided offering a substantive response to the militant group’s letter but instead signaled their appeal to appear during the week known as “the Super Bowl of global diplomacy,” as one official put it, is destined to be buried by the U.N. Credential Committee’s deliberation processes.


“The Credentials Committee generally have taken some time,” the senior State Department official said. “I'm not going to predict how long it's going to take this time. I would note that the broader General Assembly goes on for some three months. High-level week, obviously, is just this week, and I don't expect this issue to be resolved within high-level week. But, you know, watch the space.”

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