US strikes to retaliate for drone attack raises questions about how hard to hit

Last weekend’s drone attack that killed three American service members in Jordan put immediate pressure on the Biden Administration to retaliate.

American intelligence points the finger at groups supported by Iran.This week the President said the United States will respond with various attacks. He won’t say where or how many.

Host Jim Nedelman returns with Scott County Democratic Party Chair Kay Pence and Iowa Republican Chair Jeff Kaufmann.

“I think the response needs to be very, very strong,” Kaufmann said. “A lot of this boils back to ‘What do they think they can get away with?'”

“I think they need to be very clear on attacking the people that actually attacked us,” Pence said. “It’s easy to get into a war. It’s hard to get out of a war.”

To hear the rest of what our panelists have to say, click on the video.

We want to hear from you, too, and that brings us to our question of the week: How do you think the United States should respond to the deadly drone attack against American forces in Jordan? Please share your thoughts at

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