US will soon announce new military aid package to Ukraine

The United States plans to announce new military assistance to Ukraine as part of efforts to counter Russian aggression.

Source: John Kirby, White House National Security Council strategic coordinator, on Thursday, as European Pravda reports, referring to Ukrinform,

Details: According to Kirby, the next announcement of the US military aid package to Kyiv will take place "in the coming days".

He did not specify what it might include but stressed that the support of the United States for Ukraine "has no equal in the whole world in terms of what opportunities and what amounts we have agreed to provide".


  • On 3 March, the US announced the latest package of military assistance worth US$400 million.

  • The package will include ammunition for HIMARS rocket launchers and various artillery systems such as 155mm and 105mm, as well as ammunition for Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, armoured bridge crossings, ammunition and demolition equipment, and other maintenance, training and support equipment.

  • Since the full-scale Russian invasion, the United States has provided Ukraine with about US$30 billion in aid.

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