US sees Iran behind hostage photos, video of retired FBI agent missing 6 years

Adam Goldman And Matt Apuzzo, The Associated Press
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Two years after a hostage video and photographs of retired FBI agent Robert Levinson raised the possibility that the missing American was being held by terrorists, intelligence officials say Washington now sees the government of Iran behind the images.

The photos — showing Levinson's hair wild and grey, his beard long and unkempt — are being made public for the first time. His family provided copies to the AP.

The photos show Levinson in an orange jumpsuit like those worn by detainees at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The family received them by email in April 2011.

While Washington has publicly pressured Iran to release U.S. prisoners, it has chosen a quieter diplomatic route in Levinson's case.

His wife, Christine, says she wants more public pressure on Iran.