US House Speaker on aid for Ukraine: We can't let Putin "march through Europe"

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Mike Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has said aid to Ukraine was "another priority" and that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin should not be allowed to "march through Europe".

Source: Johnson during a trip to Florida, quoted by Ukrinform

Details: Johnson, after commenting on the need to support Israel, called support for Ukraine "another priority".

Quote: "Ukraine is another priority. Of course we can’t allow Vladimir Putin to march through Europe, and we understand the necessity of assisting there."

At the same time, the speaker stressed the importance of "working to change our own border policy".

Currently, active negotiations are underway between politicians on this matter, he added.

"I think most of our colleagues in the Senate recognise that these two things must move together because we have a duty to the American people. This is what they demand from us," Johnson said.

He said he felt "confident and optimistic" that Congress could pass additional funding for both Israel and Ukraine.


  • The US House of Representatives elected a new speaker, Mike Johnson, on 25 October after several weeks of attempts. He is a representative of the Republican majority and a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

  • The US House of Representatives cannot pass new laws, including those on aid to Ukraine, without a speaker. The interim US federal budget will last only until mid-November, so to avoid a government shutdown, the Congress must resolve this issue. That is why the speaker of the House of Representatives is also important for Kyiv.

  • Johnson, in response to a question on increasing aid to Ukraine, said he would agree to this "under certain conditions".

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