The US accused China of offering Russia 'every support behind the scenes' for its war on Ukraine

  • The US said China is giving Russia "every support behind the scenes" with its invasion of Ukraine.

  • A US official hinted at further sanctions from the US and NATO.

  • China's actions also help Russia threaten elsewhere in Europe, he warned.

The US has accused China of covertly supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and suggested that further US and NATO sanctions would be leveled against it.

US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told reporters in Belgium on Wednesday that China was helping Russia rebuild parts of its military that had deteriorated since it launched its full-scale invasion in February 2022.

This includes Russia's long-range missile, artillery, and drone capabilities, as well as how it can track movements on the battlefield, he said.

"What we've seen from China to Russia is not a one-off or a couple of rogue firms involved in supporting Russia," Campbell said, according to Reuters. "This is a sustained, comprehensive effort that is backed up by the leadership in China that is designed to give Russia every support behind the scenes."

As such, Campbell said that European countries, as well as others in the NATO military alliance, need "to send a collective message of concern to China about its actions, which we view as destabilizing in the heart of Europe."

He warned that China's help had already allowed Russia to build up its abilities so it can "pose a strategic challenge" to European countries.

Many European nations have warned that Russia may attack elsewhere on the continent next.

Campbell also said that he'd briefed the North Atlantic Council, NATO's main political decision-making body, on Tuesday about the US' concerns.

He noted Europe and the US had imposed some sanctions on China for aiding Russia, and said he expected more from the US and NATO.

"I think the view is that we will need to send a clear, unambiguous signal to Beijing that such steps that China is undertaking are dangerous to the long-term stability in Europe," he said.

Campbell's warnings came after other US statements about China's assistance to Russia.

This includes US President Joe Biden raising the issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping in an April phone call.

China has not explicitly said that it supports Russia in its war with Ukraine, but it has still acted in ways that aid it.

While many Western countries have put sanctions on Russia, China has remained a close economic ally, which has helped Russia finance its war.

The leaders of both countries have also met and publicly complemented each other.

Some Chinese companies are buying Russian energy and paying for it with machinery and vehicles, Reuters reported.

The US also warned last month that China is giving Russia geospatial satellite imagery for military use.

In May, the US put new sanctions on banks and companies in China that it said were trading components with Russia that could be used to make weapons. China denies supplying Russia with weapons.

Since it launched its invasion, Russia has, at times, suffered from shortages of key weaponry, like missiles and artillery, showing that it is possible Ukraine could have made more progress if Russia had not received help.

Russia has also been assisted by Iran and North Korea.

While Ukraine has support from many allies, including the US, UK, and Germany, their support has come in waves that have been disrupted by politics. This includes Republicans in the US blocking new aid for six months.

And many pieces of weaponry are only given after months of debate.

Soldiers in Ukraine and experts say the supply of new weaponry is so unreliable that it doesn't let Ukraine plan for future operations or build up any long-term strategy.

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