Uptown parking enforcement will begin again Monday

May 12—NORWALK — Parking enforcement will begin again Monday.

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Smith said a parking enforcement officer has been hired. It has been at least two years since the last parking officer, he said.

Dan Rood, one of the city's park rangers, will work about 20 hours per week.

Rood will chalk the pavement around the tires and return two hours later.

Parking tickets are $15 when paid within seven days. After seven days it goes to $25 and then after 30 days it goes to $50.

"There has been a lot of pressure on us because people have been parking well in excess of two hours, plugging up spots for the customers of businesses downtown. All of our councilmen are getting complaints. With us being understaffed Tim Skinner and Caleb Cotterill have done their best getting down here but there just isn't enough time in the day.

"We encourage those who work downtown to park in one of the city parking lots which are not metered or restricted to two hours."