UPS Makes a Little Boy’s Wish Come True in Heartwarming Holiday Ad

UPS Makes a Little Boy’s Wish Come True in Heartwarming Holiday Ad

‘Tis the season for touching gestures. UPS delivered one when it made a  4-year-old boy’s dream of becoming a UPS driver come true by giving him his very own mini UPS truck, shown in a heartwarming ad released Dec. 1.

Photo: UPS/YouTube

“We had it made just for him,” UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg tells Yahoo Parenting of the vehicle, gifted to Colorado Springs preschooler Carson Kight. Kight has been obsessed with driving a UPS truck just like his local driver “Mr. Ernie,” who had been delivering a special baby formula to the family three times a week since the boy’s birth.

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The driver, real name: Ernest Lagasca (a 26-year UPS veteran), had taken a shine to the boy too over the years and mom Karen Kight told KRDO, “He asked him at about 2 1/2, ‘You wanna see my truck?’ And he took off with Ernie like there was no tomorrow.”

When UPS was looking for customer wishes to grant as part of their Wishes Delivered program (for each request shared via #WishesDelivered, UPS will donate $1 to one of three charities: The boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army or Toys for Tots Literacy Program), Rosenberg says Lagasca and Kight’s story was a perfect fit.

Lagasca had actually changed to a different delivery route earlier in the year so it was a very special moment when he rolled up to Carson’s house last month with the wheels. “Boom, I turn back around and oh my gosh, oh gosh,” the tot told Fox21 News of the big reveal.

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"Carson knew nothing about it and did not know Mr. Ernie would come or that there was a little truck inside the big truck," mom Karen explained. Says Lagasca, “That moment was just amazing!”

It was clearly Carson’s favorite delivery of all time. The UPS ad chronicling their day shows the boy – who already had his own UPS uniform – driving round to neighbors, following a map he’s drawn in crayon, and dropping off packages of cookies and muffins. And Karen tells Yahoo Parenting that Carson is still doing the same most days after school. “It’s a weekly, if not daily adventure,” she says. “He continues to pay it forward giving candy canes and Hersey’s Kisses to any neighbor we see on the street.”

“Ernie gave Carson lots of safety tips,” adds Rosenberg, who announces that they’d love to have Kight as a driver when he’s older because he’s already shown a definite knack for customer service. “Ernie just had to remind Carson to walk, not run, when he makes his deliveries.”

For all the attention, Carson’s mom is grateful too.
"THANK YOU! UPS… for making MY Baby’s wish happen with one of the GREATEST role models yet of his little life…MR ERNIE,” she wrote on UPS’ Facebook page Dec. 2 “It’s the little things, the small acts of kindness from the heart, that make the most impression…no matter what Carson chooses to do in life, he will ALWAYS remember the little things and the special people that mattered most…” She adds to Yahoo Parenting, “This experience truly reminds you what the season is all about.”