Who are unsung heroes of Fort Worth-area schools? Add your nominations for Honor Roll

We know it isn’t easy to work in schools — to educate our children, to help them grow and make good decisions, to keep them safe, to inspire them to be the best they can be.

We are fortunate to have many unsung heroes in North Texas, doing that every day.

The Star-Telegram wants to honor these men and women who dedicate so much of themselves to our school community: teachers and classroom assistants, guidance counselors, coaches, bus drivers, nurses, crossing guards, principals, cafeteria workers, parent volunteers — the people who make a big impact in the lives of students.

We’re calling it the Star-Telegram Honor Roll, where our readers can nominate someone from our schools, and then vote on which of the nominees inspire you the most.

Here’s how it will work

Anyone can nominate an individual who has had a positive impact on the K-12 educational experience in Tarrant or neighboring Denton, Hood, Johnson, Parker and Wise counties. Maybe someone who has made a difference in your life or your child’s. Or a school colleague who goes above and beyond. The nominations are open to workers or volunteers with public or private schools.

Just fill out the form below by Sunday, April 16, to tell us why you think they deserve to be considered for The Honor Roll 2023.

Once we receive submissions, we’ll select nominees to start a ballot. Our readers will vote in a poll on star-telegram.com for whomever you think should move to the next round. As we get closer to the final stages, we will tell you more about the nominees before a final poll to pick this year’s winner.

A few things to know...

For starters, this isn’t a scientific poll. We’re leaving things up to you, the readers, to showcase the talent and goodwill in our schools.

And perhaps more important, we recognize that every educator should be highlighted. We hope this effort spotlights a few of the unsung heroes who are selflessly making a difference in the lives of our children.

Questions? Shoot an email to mleclercq@star-telegram.com.