He unplugged a security camera to steal from his girlfriend’s dad. He didn’t see 2nd camera

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The missing band saw was worth more than $500. When it vanished in mid-May from home southwest of Forsyth, its owner, 71, informed a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy that he had video footage of the theft.

He said the culprit was his daughter’s boyfriend. He said the boyfriend, 41, had come to his house to work on an air conditioner. The older man left for the evening but said when he returned the saw was gone. He said he looked at footage from his security cameras that showed the boyfriend unplug one of the cameras but then not realize there was another camera, and that the second camera recorded the theft of the saw.

A sheriff’s deputy called the boyfriend and told him that he had been caught on video stealing the saw. The boyfriend, according to an incident report, admitted to being the culprit and later had a woman he knows return the saw.

Dispatches: On June 28, a woman who lives on Old Stopper Road south of Flovilla reported that two brown dogs from nearby Old Cork Road had, as a sheriff’s report noted, been “attacking her chickens.” . . . A man in his late 40s from Braselton was pulled over on Interstate 75 north of Forsyth at about 4 a.m. on July 2. The man, who was at the wheel of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, had reportedly been weaving down the highway. He was later jailed on a DUI charge. When asked by a sheriff’s deputy how much he’d had to drink, the man said he had downed seven beers and two vodkas. “Too much,” he confessed.